Bruno Cazarini

Expedition photographer and independent filmmaker

I’m an expedition photographer. I take pictures of life in the places it happens!

Born in Campinas, Southeast of Brazil, I grew up in a very artistic friendly environment and, from a very early age, I was introduced to the endangered Atlantic rain forest, at the coast of my home state and developed a strong sense of respect for the nature, it’s beauty and fragile balanced strength.

Later, traveling around the world working on-board several vessels in a few different occupations, I have found my real passion and vocation: photography.

When I’m home, I am based in Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo state in Brazil, but most of the time I’m traveling around the world, as a senior expedition photographer, since 2011.

“My best memories are moments that did not last more than a split second and for some time I have been trying to capture those moments as much as I can…in photographs.”


“Um Recorte da Fotografia Brasileira”, Valu Oria Galeria de Arte, São Paulo – SP, Brazil | 2018


14º Festival Internacional de Fotografia Paraty em Foco 2018″, Pre-selected essay: Intro / missão”.


“Olhares Inspiradores – Vida Animal” contest, 2018 edition, Canon Brazil. 2nd place: “A Jubarte de Atlasova”.

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