Expedition photographer and independent filmmaker

I consider myself a world-wanderer who has just started living my fourth decade on earth. Decade which I hope to outlive the last one. I was born in 1985, in the south-east of Brazil. I had the privilege of growing up very close to the endangered atlantic rain forest, underneath its humid dense vegetation and surrounded by an extremely rich fauna, where the jungle meets the ocean. A very effective and non-conventional education and a very loving home leaded me to a very artistic timeline since a very early age. Music was my first choice of expression, specially during my journey at the modern business world, working with Human Resources and IT, whilst studying for my degree in Business Administration. 2007 was the year when I decided to leave it all behind and hit the world working onboard different vessels as a ship-based logistics specialist. Photographing came along quite well with the travelling, and a new passion was born.

I developed my skills by studying digital photography in Senac in 2011 and then being the assistant of one of the biggest Fashion photographers in Brazil. With my own film-making & photography business, I have already covered many subjects through the years such as fashion, social events, sports, portrait and travel.
As a photographer & film-maker, I’ve already travelled to more than 100 different countries all over the world. My latest work includes photographic expeditions through the Amazon Jungle and Western South America, The Russian far east, The Arctic and Antarctic, South East Asia, British Isles, The Australian Kimberley and a very unique exploration of the North-West Passage thought the Canadian Arctic. Specialised in digital photography, I also have a passion for teaching and lecturing about photography.
Back in Brazil, I like to go hiking, surfing, diving and to play my beautiful semi-acoustic guitar. I can make great sushi and I don’t really know how to dance.

I am a diverse and flexible photographer that would like the opportunity to capture your memories behind the lens of a camera. Please feel free to look at my work and if interested in my services, please contact me at

“My best memories are moments that did not last more than a split second and for some time I have been trying to capture those moments as much as I can…in photographs.”
Bruno Cazarini