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“Paisajes de la Argentina – Serie Sur” a series of photographs of Bruno in Argentinean stamps.

The Correo Argentino has just released the “Paisajes de la Argentina – Serie Sur” package containing four stamps, three of which are photographs of Bruno Cazarini: Brown’s Antarctic base, the Gentoo penguin and the Weddell seal.

Images: https://www.instagram.com/correooficialsa/

“Intro/mission” – Photo essay by Bruno Cazarini pre-selected at Paraty em Foco International Festival 2018

The photographic essay “Intro / mission” by Bruno Cazarini was pre-selected in the Convocatória Portfólio em Foco 2018, of the 14th International Photography Festival Paraty em Foco. The final result will be announced on August 27, 2018.

The PEF will be held from September 19 to 23, 2018 in Paraty, RJ, Brazil. Its theme is UTOPIA / DISTOPIA, which says: “In revealing the present, in reflecting on the paths that humanity is taking, the guests of Paraty in Focus 2018 allow us to discuss the active role of utopias and dystopias in contemporary culture. “

This year’s Festival honors Maureen Bisilliat, an English photographer based in Brazil for several decades and one of the pioneers in the publication of photography books and creation of essays based on the literary work of such names as João Cabral de Melo Neto, Jorge Amado and Adélia Prado. Also confirmed is Araquém Alcântara, one of the greatest documentarists of Brazilian biodiversity, photographer with more than 50 books published in 50 years of his career.

Intro / mission brings 10 photos from 2018, made in the Norwegian Arctic during the most recent expedition of Bruno Cazarini. The essay seeks to generate a reflection on human actions in nature. The text was a collaboration of Luciano Truzzi and journalist Kika Cayser.

The text and images can be checked in the page of the event: www.pefparatyemfoco.com.br or clicking HERE.

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Bruno Cazarini in Argentinean stamps

People who know me, knows that I have a long and loving connection with Argentina, where I once lived and gave some of my first steps as a professional photographer.

Last May 14, I felt extremely privileged as I saw some of my photographies printed and distributed to all over the world by the national post office of Argentina on the limited commemorative edition on the 50th anniversary of women of Melchior, the first female Argentinian scientists in Antarctica!

This is my first collaboration along with Correo Argentino, and there is more to come! Thank you once again to Veronica Vrtovec for making this happen, and for the constant support and belief in my career since day one.

Bruno Cazarini at Democrart.com.br

We are pleased to announce that 6 works by Bruno have been selected to be part of Democrart’s portfolio, in limited and signed series.

Neko-Antarctica | Tanintharyi-Myanmar | Fisherman says-Seychelles | Kumai _ Indonesia | Jellyfish Lake-Palau | Hithaadhoo-Maldives

Visit the artist page at Democrart for information on how to purchase these editions!

Novo curta: Southern Right Whale Encounter by Bruno Cazarini

Novo curta de Bruno Cazarini Photography mostrando o incrível encontro com uma Baleia-franca-austral e sua cria.
Conheça mais de seu trabalho em www.brunocazarini.com e siga seu instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/brunocazariniphotography/


Bruno Cazarini vence em concurso da Canon

Nesta semana foram divulgados os vencedores da sétima etapa do concurso “Olhares Inspiradores” da Canon Brasil. A foto “A Jubarte de Atlasova” de Bruno Cazarini, foi a segunda colocada na categoria full frame da etapa “Vida Animal”. Os fotógrafos Araquém Alcântara e Jonne Roriz foram os responsáveis pela escolha dos vencedores entre mais de 15 mil imagens.